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FASSCO Leading Texture Modified Food Technology for the Healthcare Sector

FASSCO is pleased to announce its participation in the 3rd Annual Dubai Nutrition Conference 2017 which is scheduled for 26th – 28th October 2017 at the Intercontinental Hotel – Festival City, Dubai, UAE. fassco-certifications

The Dubai Nutrition Conference has become one of the largest platforms within the field of Clinical Nutrition in MENA region which is organised by the esteemed Dubai Health Authority.

FASSCO is delighted to support its partnership with Dubai Health Authority and contribute to this bespoke event. At the event, FASSCO will proudly showcase how it is Leading Texture Modified Food Technology for the Healthcare Sector both here in the UAE and the Middle East. FASSCO has been working extensively with its partner, the renowned Chef Tibor from Australia to combine bench-marked safety and quality standards with the local understanding; creating an innovative world-class experience which is helping shape the culture of food and nutrition in Healthcare.

FASSCO is on the forefront of this development, consistent with its ‘Patient First’ philosophy, addressing the individual and complex dietary needs of each patient, including bringing dignity back into lives of the most vulnerable patients, those on a Dysphagia (difficulty with swallowing) diet.

FASSCO and its partner, together, have brought back the joy of enjoying food that is both visually appealing, appetizing, and most importantly nutritious for the patients; especially for the patients on a Dysphagia diet.

FASSCO will be serving up a variety of innovative and delectable Texture Modified Food for the sampling enjoyment of the participants at the Nutrition Lab on Friday 27th October and will be at the Nutrition Souq over the course of the three days. Please do stop by to enjoy this experience and learn more about our innovative techniques.




Food & Allied Support Services Corporation (FASSCO) is associated with hospitality and well-being. FASSCO’s mission is to deliver highest quality Food and Hospitality Services. A joint venture between two Sin¬gapore based companies SATS, and Planet Investments and FASSCO draws on the strengths of both its partners and the rich and their 90+ years of rich and diverse experience. FASSCO is cost-effective, fit-to-purpose company operating in high-growth dynamic markets providing localized, sustainable personalized services and solutions.

SATS is Asia’s leading provider of Gateway Services and Food Solutions. SATS’ comprehensive gateway services encompass airfreight handling, passenger services, ramp handling, baggage handling, aviation security services, aircraft interior and exterior cleaning as well as cruise centre management. Food solutions include airline catering, institutional and remote catering, aviation laundry as well as food distribution and logistics. SATS is present at 55 cities, 47 airports and 14 countries across Asia and the Middle East. SATS has been listed on the Singapore Exchange since May 2000.

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