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Remote Site Services

We offer customised food and fit-to-purpose solutions that are aligned with every need. Our unique engagement model with our client partners helps us deliver real service outcomes even at tough locations.

FASSCO aims to provide services that will improve your operational efficiency by providing a ‘Home away from Home’ environment – with a specific focus on Safety, Protecting the Environment and Community Engagement. We are committed to work alongside you to enhance the lifestyle and customer service experience of residents.

Our approach is about ‘Simplicity of Hospitality Service’.


Our holistic approach to safety enables us to deliver on our promise of absolute safe service delivery. Our focus is to keep residents, associates, and guests safe at all times. Our safety systems provide the link between safe attitudes and performance. Much of our focus on safety is about injury prevention. Our ‘Accident and Injury Prevention Program’ aids residents in maintaining positive work practices to minimise the risks of stress and injury.

Our QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety, & Environment) team promotes a behavioral safety culture at your site with the aim of reducing LTI’s (Lost Time Incident/Injury) and MTI’s (Medical Treatment of Injuries). Effective QHSE management with the highest standards of services to our clients, safe and efficient standards of operation that comply with the international standards, relevant guidelines and regulations which will continue to be the strongest element of our service deliveries.


Having the right and appropriately skilled people providing Facilities Management Services on site is critical in delivering ‘High-quality Services Safely’, and also in improving quality of life for residents.

Supply Chain

Our robust supply chain network with primary and secondary vendors partners enables us to mitigate risk. We are committed to sourcing suppliers and sub-contractors who are certified with quality assurance, who are carefully, continuously and rigourously evaluated.


We consider the environmental impact in all areas of our operation and if we seek innovative ways to our operations in an environmentally sustainable and responsible manner, then we will find an alternative way.

Food Services

One of the single factors that can define the ‘on-site experience’ for residents. Our team of experienced multi-cuisine chefs provides food to cater to a wide variety of dietary requirements catering to diverse workforce.

We ensure that the team has the skills and they undergo regular training to gain knowledge of the current culinary trends and provide visually delicious and high appealing food.

Cleaning Services

The key to maintaining consistent cleaning standards throughout the facilities is in getting the balance right between regular and periodic cleaning.

Our goal is to provide a quality driven cleaning service that achieves consistent standards of cleaning within a safe environment through a dedicated team that has the required training, skills, and experience to ensure that we deliver on this objective.

Be Well Program

Wellness is a lifestyle, a way of living that encourages good physical and mental well-being.

The FASSCO ‘Be Well Program’ focuses on promoting awareness, motivation for positive behavioral changes, and influencing site practices and policy to support a healthy environment. By fostering a culture of health and wellness, residents can achieve and maintain an optimal quality of life.

Grounds & Maintenance Services

Grounds maintenance services cover two key elements – keeping the lawns, gardens, and surrounds properly trimmed/manicured. And secondly, ensuring that these and other outdoor areas are kept clean, tidy, and free of rubbish / debris and pests.

Our Grounds maintenance services team ensures that the site accommodation grounds are maintained safely and efficiently.

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