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FASSCO’s Quality Assurance Promise

We believe that you are as good as the last meal you serve or the last service you have provided.

Our Quality Management Plan is guided by the stringent requirements of HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points) systems, ISO 22000:2005, BS OHSAS 18001:2007 ISO 14001:2004, and ISO 9001:2015. Under the areas of food safety, hygiene and sanitation, our operating procedure is established with reference to the Code of Practice for Food Hygiene, Good Hygiene Practice (Catering Guide) and Good Manufacturing Practices – which is benchmarked globally.

We have an internal Quality Assurance (QA) team who works independently within the company reporting directly to the top leadership. It applies a holistic approach in ensuring high hygiene and food safety standards in all areas of the process from inspection of incoming raw materials to food preparation, cooking, hot holding and meal serving. The Team will perform QA random sampling & testing on the finished products / cooked meals, conduct regular inspections of in-coming raw materials, personal and area hygiene, storage and warehouse, and process control throughout the meal preparation, cooking and serving process, to ensure the food quality and HACCP food safety requirements are complied with at all times.

FASSCO maintains quality assured systems to support its operations.

Using accredited management systems means;

  • Compliance with customer requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of quality management system;
  • Ensuring that quality management systems are used effectively throughout operations;
  • Making sure that our quality management system program is clearly understood by management and associates;
  • Continually reviewing our quality management systems to ensure they remain current and effective; and
  • Working with our customers to share quality management system frameworks that can benefit all parties.

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