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Based in the UAE, Food & Allied Support Services Corporation (FASSCO) excels at service delivery in Healthcare Food & Nutrition, and Integrated Facilities Management.

Global Network, Local Expertise

Planet Group is founded on the rich experience and expertise of Chairman, Mr. Raju Radhakrishna Shete. Planet Group delivers world-class services to its clients globally.

Headquartered in Singapore, the Group recently completed its 50th anniversary in the industry. The Group’s focus is to establish, nurture, develop and build value through businesses that address high growth markets, particularly in developing countries.

The Planet Group present interests are focused on six industry sectors – People, Logistics, Aliment (Food), Nature, Energy, and Technology.


The FASSCO Approach

Our overall planning and execution approach ensures continuous improvement through collaboration, communication, and connectivity with all stakeholders.

  • 257,890+ Meal Trays Delivered
  • 99.75% Trays Delivered On Time
  • 94.66% Positive Meal Feedback
  • 18,640 Total Training Hours
  • 2,032,953+ Meals Produced
  • 3,109,469 Food Items Procured
  • Food Compliance 100%
  • Compliance to Item Master List 100%
  • Safety, Cleanliness & Hygiene 92.33%
  • On-time Buffet Setup 98.67%
  • Attendance 99.29%
  • Grooming & Hygiene Standards 98.75%

Right-Fit Solutions

FASSCO offers turnkey Healthcare Food & Nutrition, and Integrated Facilities Management. Our approach of process implementation is to focus on purpose and how to achieve it. Our process is based on one simple rule – it must work consistently, sustainably, and being agile and such that it can be adapted over a long period of time ensuring continuity and enabling scale. We start with the right mind-set being proactive and committed with laser sharp focus towards empowering and enabling the unit manager to excel and simply establish world-class service.

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