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Service Delivery

We keep it simple and start getting the basics right. From hospitality and attention to detail and recognizing that success is indeed the sum of many parts coming together as one. Having the right people at the right job helps us deliver personalise service and create value for our clients. AT FASSCO WE C5ARE – our Client, Customer, Colleague, Collaborators, & Community Are Really Everything to us. We strive to deliver value to our customersevery time.

As part of our continuous service excellence, we will constantly be in the lookout for new and innovative offerings in hospital catering and service, remote site services and integrated facility management. We benchmark our product and services with the best in the industrythrough training or workshops.

With a passion towards service delivery and customer satisfaction, at FASSCO we believe in being future relevant, investing into transformational innovations, and always staying abreast with local and community trends.

We deploy a variety of systems and technology to enhance service quality and drive cost efficiency. We deploy technology and automation to improve our productivity and deliver a unique customer experience.

FASSCO will ensure that in its operations don’t place local communities at risk and conduct all activities in an environmentally sustainable and responsible manner.

This commitment means:

  • Compliance with regional and national environment legislation, relevant industry standards and other requirements which FASSCO has subscribed;
  • Ensuring that all systems of work are developed with consideration of the environment
  • Regularly consulting with local and regional partners to improve our environmental strategies;
  • Investigating environmental incidents to prevent re-occurrence;
  • Conducting environmental risk assessments prior to the commencement of any new project or work activity;
  • Actively communicating our environmental policy and strategies to staff and management;
  • The responsible use of natural resources; and
  • Continual improvement in environmental management and environmental performance by setting and reviewing objectives periodically.

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