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Healthcare Food Services & Nutrition

FASSCO is committed to quality service delivery. It is our endeavor to serve every Patient, Visitor, or Caregiver with the same sense of importance and attention as ‘We Care’. At FASSCO, innovations emerge from the fact that we are undeterred to adapt and evolve through revolutionary ideas which develop through the cross-fertilization of our experience in multiple food service operations and sectors globally.

FASSCO is committed to fostering customer personalise engagement and creating lasting memories for all patients, guests, and associates at every touch point along the way.

Food Services for Patients

Our Room Service Program not only enhances the meal experience and customer satisfaction by offering a variety of choices with a focus on Fresh, Healthy, and Comfort food items, FASSCO specialises in developing and implementing innovative food service designs from our skilled chefs; which allow patients to select their meals anytime of the day. FASSCO produces meals through various specialised cooking techniques from a central kitchen to producing at in-house hospital kitchens.

Food Services for Royals & VIP’s
FASSCO has expertise in providing VIP full-services offering using Food Services – through skilled Butlers attending to Patient and Patient’s Guest needs. A variety of ‘A La Carte Menu’ in compliance with their dietary requirements is made available to the patient. Our Butlers are also adept at providing service to Royal patients and their entourage.

FASSCO specializes in various diets to provide suitable nutrition to patients. We also provide ‘Texture Modifications’ and ‘Special Diets’ keeping in mind various ‘Food Allergy and Intolerance’. Additional feedings can be ordered as-and-when required as per medical conditions including additional diets.

Our ‘Dietetic Technicians’ will guide the patients with menu selections that will adhere to their diet plan, thus ensuring optimal nutritional choices, and that the correct diet is served to the patients. We work very closely with the medical team to ensure correct nutritional intake to help, reduce or eliminates medical complications like malnutrition, etc. The importance of right diet in the patient recovery is also emphasize by various studies conducted worldwide.

Food Services for Events Conference and Meetings

FASSCO can deploy a team that is skilled in planning organizing and servicing a full suite of food service options at conference site. We go that extra mile to bring inspiration to each meeting, conference, or event wherever and whenever it happens.


FASSCO can provide 24/7 cafeteria service to the hospital’s medical and non-medical staff. Our cafeteria module encompasses ‘grab-and-go’ options to buffet, and set meal services as well as ‘live-cooking stations’ all backed by our signature “Healthy Eating Program”.

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