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Food Safety

FASSCO adopts a strong product trace-ability protocol to ensure that all ingredients used are selected and purchased from our vendor partners approved suppliers / sources and meals are accounted for. FASSCO takes pro-active measures to ensure that food safety remains the top priority for every associates and instils a culture of zero tolerance for any deviations from the defined stringent safety notes.

We invest in resources to train all our associates in the food safety management system ensuring they are fully understood and effectively implemented.

At FASSCO, safety is a holistic, detailed, and inclusive process. We have a deep understanding of the inherent risk for the services we provide and we will drive a safety culture from inception to design to development – which is imbibed into the behavioural traits that simply becomes the FASSCO way.

Health and Safety are not a separate entity but embedded in all we do that doesn’t shift at day-to-day priority.

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Quality Control & Process

FASSCO has developed a robust Business Continuation Plan (BCP) to ensure the continuous supply of services in the event of unforeseen circumstances. The BCP’s covers kitchen failure and other contingencies.

In our chosen sector, we ensure the well-being of multi-ethnic project personnel by setting of quality food, accommodation, and quality of other life support services. This capability of FASSCO helps ensure the success of these projects and promote the brand equity of client companies in terms of attaining preferred employer and safety status.

FASSCO will provide a safe and healthy working environment for its associates and its customers:

  • Compliance with regional and national H&S legislation, relevant industry standards and other requirements which FASSCO has subscribed;
  • Preventing any occupational related injury and ill health by maintaining ZERO reportable incident rate;
  • Engaging FASSCO management and associates in the ongoing development of safe behaviours;
  • Detailed investigation and root cause analysis to prevent re-occurrence;
  • Conducting ongoing risk assessments to keep work environments safe;
  • Maintaining good communication with associates and customers keeping them informed on health and safety issues;
  • Making sure managers and associates are properly skilled and trained to conduct their duties safely; and
  • Continual improvement in H&S management and H&S performance by setting and reviewing objectives periodically.

FASSCO commits to using only the best quality food in its operations and ensuring that it is purchased, processed and served in a safe and hygienic manner:

  • FASSCO commits to using only the best quality food and raw materials ensuring that it is purchased, processed and served in a safe and hygienic manner:
  • Maintaining an effective quality control system that is applied throughout the procurement and processing chain – in accordance with HACCP principles
  • Implementing Unit specific Food Safety Programs in our catering operations
  • Ensuring that food operations are compliant to all relevant food safety legislation
  • Encouraging our associates to be alert to food hazards and identifying food safety risks
  • Sharing our knowledge and passion for food safety with our associates and clients
  • Ensuring our associates understand and follow procedures in safe preparation of food
  • Developing managers and associates food quality and safety skills
  • Following through on incidents to ensure that our systems work and are improved as and when required

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