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Latifa Hospital
Press Release

FASSCO International Celebrated One Year of Partnership with the Dubai Health Authority (DHA)

FASSCO International celebrated One Year of Partnership with the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and the successes achieved in providing Enhanced Nutrition and Supply Services in DHA’s Latifa Hospital.

Under the patronage of the Dubai Health Authority, and in the presence of Girish Sehgal, CEO and Managing Director of FASSCO International, they celebrated FASSCO’s one-year anniversary of enhanced Nutrition and Supply Services at the prestigious Latifa Hospital.

FASSCO proudly boasts satisfaction scores of above 90%, while at the same time, consistently adhering to the strictest safety standards, creating a WOW factor for their discerning partners.

Girish Sehgal, said, “we are delighted and looking forward to enhancing the patient experience and our partnership with the DHA and Latifa Hospital even more in the years to come through continued alignment of our vision for quality customer care and excellent service”.

FASSCO attributes the success of this journey to the mobilization support teams from their parent companies SATS and Planet Group and the team from their operations at the esteemed Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi.

The FASSCO and Latifa Hospital Food and Patient services team celebrated this special occasion with a formal cake cutting ceremony and an exciting arrangement of events and delectable food prepared by their very own talented Culinary team.

Latifa Hospital

Girish concluded with a message to the FASSCO Caregivers “Thank you for arranging an amazing cake, such a wonderful party and making our one year anniversary a memorable experience for everyone. Your talent and creativity go beyond your professional roles and something we are very proud of. Our partners in the Latifa Hospital and the DHA are proud of what you do every day and confident in your ability in making Latifa Hospital a showcase amongst other DHA hospitals.”

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