Healthcare Food & Nutrition Specialists.

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FASSCO is the Perfect Fit

FASSCO offers a wide range of turnkey healthcare food & nutrition, accommodation, janitorial, health and well-being services, facility management (hard and soft), and provision of associate facilities. Our approach of process implementation is to focus on purpose and how to achieve it. Our process is based on one simple rule – it must work. We start with the right mind-set ‘being proactive and committed with laser sharp focus towards empowering and enabling the unit manager to excel and simply establish world-class service.

Your Challenges

The key challenges that FASSCO handles whilst delivering service excellence are:

  • Multi-ethnic personnel needs and cultural issues
  • Multi-modal logistics in country and globally
  • Compliance with local, international and industry-specific standards and regulations with regards to Quality, Health & Safety, Security, and Environmental protection issues
  • Ensuring localisation and promoting employment and business
  • Engaging with the local community in an equitable manner
  • Ability to deal with contingency and respond in a timely manner to ensure business continuity
  • Harsh and inhospitable local conditions
  • Attracting and retaining skilled personnel
  • Cost management, productivity of personnel at site and consistency of performance
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