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Healthcare Food Services & Nutrition

FASSCO is committed to quality service delivery. At FASSCO innovations emerge from the fact that it is undeterred to adapt and evolve through path breaking and revolutionary ideas which develop through the cross fertilization of their experience in multiple food service operations and sectors globally such as – Aviation and Healthcare best practices that are transferable namely : Temperature Control, Food Safety, Production Techniques, Tray Setting, Discipline, Timeliness in Service, Food Presentation, Menu Choices, Dietary Restrictions due to Health and Religious grounds, Ethnic requirements due to Nationality, Special Meal Requests and the use of Robotics to improve productivity.

It is our endeavour to serve every Patient, Visitor or Caregiver with the same sense of importance and attention simply because we care.

FASSCO is committed to fostering customer intimacy and creating lasting memories for all patients, guests and staffs at every touch point along the way.

  • Food Services for General Patients
  • Hotel Style In-Room Dining. Food will be delivered on request within 45 minutes or traditional set time meal service.


Our extensive background in serving 1200 menus a week and capability to understand specific cultural and cuisines to satisfy every discerning palate is unparalleled.

The database of menus and recipes is a great advantage to meet every client’s personnel needs. The army of internationally acclaimed chefs in the employ of FASSCO is a testimony to the seriousness with which we approach menu planning.

Consumable Materials

The ability to trace the source and be an ethical and responsible company is central to all our procurement and quality assurance initiatives.

We are constantly evaluating the sources and adapting our processes to deliver the needs of every project. Our database of sources globally and relationships with the best suppliers is of great advantage in delivering the needs of every project in an assured manner.

Health and Lifestyle

With the growing need for healthy living and a balanced diet, this aspect cannot be overemphasized. Our experience in serving different kinds of meals with different health requirements is again unparalleled.
The Nutrition and Dietetics department is an integral part of all menu planning. Our association with At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy is of great value to keeping abreast of all lifestyle and health related issues globally.

Product Specification

We fully recognize that the meal or service can only be as good as the product or ingredient. Our extensive menu development programme which evaluates the menu item on all physical, safety, taste, presentation and other parameters goes into defining the product specifications.
This, coupled with our sourcing capability, gives us the confidence to deliver on all your needs. Our comprehensive database of product specs that meet safety and sensory needs is invaluable in getting the right product at the right me at the right price from the right source.

Accommodation, Janitorial, Laundry, & Support Services

We fully understand the importance of clean bed, clean room, clean toilet, and clean linen to ensure the project personnel are fully rested and refreshed. In addition, all other support services that are related to quality of life at site viz health and well-being, security, and waste management go a long way in creating a home away from home.

Our planning process of menus, health and lifestyle sourcing of consumables and defining product specifications deliver the final meal to the personnel in a palatable & delightful manner consistently. Our accommodation, janitorial, laundry and other support services ensure the comfort of every project personnel
in making their stay comfortable & safe.

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